Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Just some randomness this evening:
  • Just over a week ago everyone was talking about how UNC couldn't be beat. Now they are very beatable - 0-2 in the ACC and now there is talk of them going 0-3? What's up with that? Hopefully it will prepare us for down the road. (I hope I didn't jinx them by going to see State play.)
  • I really like Tony Dungy (Colts coach). I wish him the best in his retirement. From what I know - he seems to be the real deal. He is highly respected and most see him to be a class act. That's the way Christians ought to be. Thanks Tony!
  • Just finish reading Tribes by Seth Godin. Seth is a business writer and has the most read blog in the US. Saw him at Catalyst. Tribes are those groups to which you want to belong. It might be a team, work group, readers of a blog, or anything that you want to be a part of. Here are some interesting thoughts that apply especially in the christian community -People want to: matter, create meaning, make a difference, be noticed, matter, and be missed (if they don't come back).
  • Made reservations for an oceanfront hotel for March 2o in Virginia Beach. Planning on running the Shamrock 8K with a couple of guys from church.
  • It is so wet where we are that we thought that the church office had a water leak near the water meter. A guy from church spent several hours today digging around the water meter to find no leak but a very high water table. Oops!
  • Excited about our church consultant coming tomorrow to talk about some new facility planning!
  • Started doing some twittering. So far I can tweet from my cell phone, but can't receive on my cell phone. Any help? BTW, you can keep up with my tweets by following on the right side of this blog, or follow by clicking the link.
  • Watching The Biggest Loser. Most reality shows stink because people try to manipulate each other, put each other down and promote themselves. From what I have seen with TBL, everyone is better off by having participated in the show. However, it still irks me that it takes one hour to show about twenty minutes of content. Glad for the TiVo.
  • Enough for now. Peace!

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