Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lights Out!

Last night we had a full slate of events happening at the church. We had five different things happening in our three different buildings (sanctuary, fellowship hall, office). We had to do a little bit of juggling and re-arranging to make them all happen in a timely manner.

Three of the five events were just in full swing when I was walking between buildings. I noticed that the parking lot lights flickered. Then they went off -then on - then off. As I looked around, I immediately realized that all lights were off - everywhere - on our end of the road. The power was out!

Everyone sat around for a little bit, it was pitch black. Cell phones turned into mini flashlights. Finally, everyone made their way to their car.

Just a little note to myself - I'm not in as much control as I think I am. How about you?

Here is the view in the sanctuary after the lights went out!

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Justin said...

Your blog is a new found treasure! You are a good blogger with a solid mix of fun and seriousness. Keep it up! Thanks again for an awesome day on Tuesday (and then again on Thursday).