Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Update @ Richwood

Today has been a very busy day. The weather was cold, but otherwise very beautiful. Todd and I put up the plywood on the room that we built at the pantry. Considering that neither one of us are carpenters, it looks good. I have a lot of splinters in my hands to prove that I at least touched the stuff. Veronica and Belinda painted both the inside and outside of the new room. They made it look even better. We went over to help the other crew after lunch.

The rest of the crew headed straight to Ms. Spencer's to work. New OSB and tin were put on the roof to make sure that she stayed dry. We finished putting up the siding, which makes her house look really good. Insulation was put into her ceiling in the repaired room, and a new ceiling installed. We worked until about 6:45 PM, using flashlights. There still some more that needs to be done to make her house where water won't damage the new stuff that we've done. Jeff, Billy, Lewis and Edward said that they would go back over to the house in the morning and work to get the necessary stuff done. They say it shouldn't take too long. The rest of us will leaving in the morning to return to Bagley Swamp. The guys will come when they get done.

Some of our ladies have been able to connect well with Ms. Spencer. Annie has given her a haircut, and all of them put together a goody bag with all sorts of items that will be of great benefit to her. They have spent a lot of time talking and being a friend to her. That's what it's all about.

Before we left this evening, we all gathered in her refurbished room to pray a prayer of blessing on her and her home. She told us what an impact we have had in her life. I won't go into details; we will have plenty to share on Sunday morning. Our Richwood crew will be sharing at both services on Sunday, 8:30 and 11 am.

Please pray for us as the guys finish up tomorrow and as all of travel home. We've had a blast in Richwood. We also can't wait to get home.

Signing out from Richwood.

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