Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Tuesday Update @ Richwood

Well, on Monday it rained just about the whole day. One crew went to Summersville to get lumber and supplies for our jobs and it took them the whole afternoon. Those that were at the pantry did some minor repairs and checked on some other jobs, but couldn't really do much until the supplies returned. We were excited to do some work, but just didn't have to materials to do much.

The crew returned just before suppper, so we decided to go ahead and start the wall building project at the pantry and some painting. We worked until on the walls until about 10:30 last night. They are now built, all we have left to do is to hang the door and put up the plywood. We will finish this project another day when it is raining. We took breaks for dinner and to go to Dairy Queen for a treat! We felt good at the end of the day - we were able to make some good progress on a job.

Last night we continue the tradition of laughing a lot and playing some jokes on each other, so we're having a great time. There will be plenty of stories to tell.

Today it has been mostly sunny, so we are over at Ms. Spencer's house. This house needs major work done, and we're going to do as much as we can. We have spent most of the day tearing out the flooring in one room and completely removing another room. We have made her house the priority. She has been told by several churches that they would help, but nothing yet. So . . . we're going to do all that we can for her. It will take us the rest of the week to get her to a point where everything is dry and closed in. We'll do smaller projects as well, but will most likely have a crew at her house for the rest of the week.

Tonight we are headed to First United Methodist Church for a Shrove Tuesday service/meal. Today is the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins. Traditionally people will give up something for Lent (preparing for Easter). Here in Richwood, maybe in other places too, the churches have a big pancake/sausage dinner so you can 'pig out', I guess, before Lent begins.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so some of us will probably be working at the pantry painting and finishing the walls. Others will return to Ms. Spencer's. We also will be doing a few plumbing jobs as well. There is definately plenty to do.

I may not be able to post the blog tomorrow since the library is closed. Keep us in your prayers.


Mary Ann said...

Hope all are well. We are praying for everyone and the for the ones you are helping. Be safe and have fun!
Henry, Mary Ann & kids

Chuck said...

J - I love hearing the love of Jesus in action. It is very cool that you guys did not have to go around the world in order to serve others so nearby.