Monday, February 4, 2008

We're In Richwood!

Hey everyone! We made it to Richwood yesterday about 4pm. The trip was smooth and easy, and it seemed that we made good time. It seems that a lot of work has been done at the pantry that are staying at since we were here last year. The guys were able to watch to Super Bowl and enjoy the game last night. It seems that we have cable, or some great antenna, at the pantry. The ladies had some type of hair makeover party while the game was going on.

Last night we all got hot as the heat in the place was working a little too well. The guys covered the heat vents in their room, but it didn't work too well. It was still hot. We spent a little time this morning working on placing a fan to draw the heat out of the hall. We also are hoping to have the heat turned back by this evening. We'll see.

It's been raining this morning quite hard. Jeff, Billy and Lewis are going around and looking at different jobs so they can make a run to Lowes this afternoon. It looks like we will be repairing a roof (and some more) at one house, some plumbing at another and constructing some walls and painting at the pantry. The rest of us are working at the pantry this morning getting some small repairs done. We've had a couple of other folks to come in and ask us for repair help, so it seems that we may have more that we can get done this week. I hope we can do it all, but we will just have to prioritize to make sure what we do will do the most good.

As you might have guessed, none of us have cell phone service in Richwood. That's why you probably haven't heard from some. We do have access to a land line at the pantry, so most of the calling will be done in the evenings.

I am able to use the computers and internet at the Richwood Public Library across the parking lot from where we are staying. Feel free to send us a note clicking on the comment button below. I'll relay the messages. Thanks for praying for us and we will continue to pray for you. I hope to update each day.

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Anonymous said...

Thankful that your trip was smooth. Will pray for all of you as you do your task.
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