Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Thursday Update @ Richwood

Back on the dial-up at the pantry.

Today we have experienced some of the West Virginia weather that we often think of when we think of West Virginia. It was cold and damp. The high was just above freezing and we had snow flurries all day. No snow accumulation, but it was pretty to see it snow in the mountains.

We spent the day working on Ms. Spencer’s house. Some siding has been put on, a door moved, some structural replacement, insulation put in and a bunch of construction rubble hauled to the trash heap. It’s been real muddy where we have been working, so it’s been real slick.
Belinda and Veronica finished painting the pantry hall today and it looks real good. We ate lunch today at the soup kitchen and had the Mexican dish that we all liked last year.

As I write this, we are in the process of taking showers and are headed to Summersfield to eat supper and go to Lowes for some more materials.

When we get back to the pantry, we will finish the office that we started at the beginning of the week. We still have a lot to do. Tomorrow we have to finish up the flooring, siding and put OSB and tin on the roof on back part of Ms. Spencer’s house. We’re praying that we can get it all done.
Today as we getting ready to leave Ms. Spencer’s, she said, "You have just fixed my house, you have fixed me." When we see her now, she is all smiles.

I have been several places today to check on other things, and when I told them who I was and what we were doing, they said "We heard that you were in town." I think we are making an impact. And I know that we have been impacted by Richwood. We have come to love the people here and have grown closer to each other as well.
Keep praying for us. More tomorrow.

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