Monday, February 11, 2008

Home from Richwood

We all made it safely back home to Bagley Swamp. The crew riding the van arrived around 4:30 pm and the crew that finished up at Ms. Spencer's home arrived just before 8:30 pm. They were able to get everything finished on the outside of the house. Their work on Saturday sealed up the house from wind and rain. Great job guys!

Yesterday our mission crew shared in both services at church. They shared from their hearts. We went to Richwood to make an impact for God, but listening to our stories, you could tell that we were impacted as well. Our God is awesome. He allowed us to do something for someone else, have fun at it, be successful, have fulfillment, and change us in the process. How awesome is that?!

We also recognize the sacrifice that all made to go on the trip - not only those who went - but also those left behind to do all the things that we weren't here to do. Thanks!

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