Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Faked Out!

Friday afternoon was exciting. From seemingly out of nowhere, the weather forecasters began predicting that we would get 4-6 inches of snow. I live in northeast NC. We don't see much snow. Usually the warm water from the ocean and the sounds keep us from having the snowfall that anyone west of us gets. This time was to be different. We were predicted to have more snow than just about anywhere in the state.

The only downside to this prediction of snow was that the snow was to come on Saturday night. As a pastor, that put me in a tough spot. The last thing a pastor wants is foul weather on Sunday morning. However, I was looking forward to the snow.

Before bed Saturday night I glimpsed outside, it was snowing fairly good. When I got up on Sunday morning at 5:45, I immediately looked out the window. To my surprise . . . there was the same amount of snow on the ground as the night before . . . a light dusting.

Despite the cold and icy conditions, our church met at our regular times for our worship services and God met with us in a special way. Not only that, we had a large turnout.

Yesterday I was in a meeting with other Wesleyan pastors in Chapel Hill. A lot of them told me that they had called off services on Sunday. "How much snow did you get?" I asked. "None."

We might have been disappointed about our lack of snow, but we certainly didn't get faked out. I'm grateful that we could come together and worship as a followers of Christ.

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