Friday, January 11, 2008

Over My Head

On several occasions I have felt that I need to be a little more consistent in my exercise routine. Usually I need some kind of goal, rather than exercise just for exercise. Last year I trained and ran in the Shamrock Half-Marathon. I had to train for about six months. It was exciting at first, getting into the training. About three months into it, I realized that I had gotten in over my head. I pushed through, and was able to complete the 13.1 mile course. I would have never exercised like I did without that goal in front of me. After the race, I had a few minor injuries. I thought that I would take some time off. After the time off, I would jog off and on, mostly off. Not motivated. I lost most of the conditioning that I had gained.

Well, last night I got motivated again. I signed up for the 8k event at the Shamrock Marathon. It's not even half the distance that I ran in last year's event, but this year I have some guys from the church who will be running as well. We haven't trained together yet, and maybe won't do that much training with each other. However, we already have been checking in with each other to make sure each other is training. With these guys checking in on me, maybe this year I won't be over my head.

That's the way life is. It doesn't matter if you're exercising, dieting, going to school or living the Christian life. It's always easier when there are others along your side. Who are you doing life with that helps you stretch yourself without getting in over your head?

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