Saturday, January 26, 2008

Got Guts?

I spent a little time this afternoon watching the Winter X Games. Those athletes are incredible. They have a lot of athletic ability, but it seems that they have more guts than anything else. I could see how the snowboarders practice racing downhill. But how do you practice all of those flips, spins and stuff? I mean, if you try to do some crazy flip off of one of those big ramps going down a mountain and don't make it the first try, it's gotta hurt. Man, it's gotta take some guts to do that.

I guess that's the way it is with a lot of things in life. If you are the first person to do something, it takes guts to step out there and try it. If you are doing something different than most people, it takes guts to do that, too. As a Christian, I've found that it takes guts to follow Christ's teachings in a world where most people are doing whatever they feel will make them happy (which is, most of the time, the opposite of Christ's teachings).

I may not be able to do the flips and stuff at Winter X (I'd get dizzy), but I've got some guts when it comes to following Christ. I've found that I have more guts when I'm around other Christians, and it encourages me to be a little more daring in my faith. How about you?

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