Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Won?

For the past several years I've followed the presidential elections. It's kind of funny, one of my majors at UNC was political science, but I never really followed much of the political process until 10 years after I graduated. Tonight I watched the Republican debate on Fox News. Immediately after the debate, each person that was interviewed claimed that their candidate had won. The commentators, on different channels, had opinions on who won.

After what happened in New Hampshire on Tuesday in the primaries, I think that I will stick to watching the debates myself to form my opinion rather than learning what the 'experts' think. The 'experts' knew that Obama would blow out Clinton on Tuesday. Didn't happen. In fact, I think I'll stick to what the candidates say about themselves. I've found that I can learn most of their positions by looking at their websites - then listening to the debates. I can now turn to Sportscenter and not waste my time with the 'experts' with their 'focus groups'

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