Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Wednesday Update @ Richwood

We've had a good day. I'm using the computer at the pantry, with a dial-up connection, so it's quite slow.

Jeff, Lewis and Billy worked all day on Ms. Spencer's new flooring in the back bedroom. They worked through lunch and we we quit at 5pm a new floor was in place, from the foundation to the plywood. Todd, Edward and I were there working when we weren't off on other projects.

God was really with us today. We were supposed to have severe thunderstorms all day, but only saw ocassional rain.

Todd, Annie and Christy made a trip to Lowes in the morning to get the roofing and plumbing materials for Ms. Spencer's and a few other jobs. Belinda, Christina, Veronica and I finished tearing up the flooring from the room that we removed from the her house. Then we went to a church to clean the food storage area for their soup kitchen.

In the afternoon, Edward and I fixed the plumbing underneath the sink at Ms. Spencer's and fixed a leak at another house. Then we found another leak at the same house. It's a long story, so you'll need to ask Edward about it.

Christy and Annie spent the afternoon with Ms. Spencer and helped her with some cleaning. Veronica, Christina and Belinda spent the afternoon at the pantry painting the hallway walls. It looks great and there is only a little left to do.

We took quick showers and headed to the Ash Wednesday service at Pastor David's church. It was a great service and a timely message for us. We made it back to the pantry to eat supper afterwards. The ladies from the Christian Church in town made us ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes and chocolate cake for dessert. We're feeling quite well now.

Tomorrow we plan to work at Ms. Spencer's, paint at the shelter and some more plumbing jobs. Edward might open his own plumbing business when he gets home.

We've seen God work in many ways while we have been in Richwood and look forward to sharing those stories when we get back.

The UNC - Duke game in on the TV in the lobby, so I'm headed in there to pull for the 'Heels. More tomorrow.


Matt Guthrie said...

Sounds like a lot of great things are happening there. Some great things are happening here too. Mainly Duke beating Carolina. Yes I know, they beat us too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor James and all-
It's so wonderful what u are doing. Wish Charlie and I could of been there to help. We will be praying for u. U haven't mentioned snow- Do u have any?
Have a safe trip back.
Charlie and Wanda Wilson

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are getting a LOT done!!

Don't let Christina clean the dirt off all the rocks in WV :)